Why everyone should know their FICO credit score

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 https://www.cnbc.com/select/why-you-should-know-your-fico-credit-score-how-often-to-check/ Checking your credit reports for free at http://annualcreditreport.com/ is a good start But to know the score(s) used by most lenders — the FICO score(s) — consumers must look beyond just their free credit reports or even the Vantage scores offered by the credit bureaus.

What to Know About the Facebook Data Leak – The Wall Street Journal.

https://www.wsj.com/articles/was-my-facebook-data-leaked-what-you-need-to-know-11617751579More identity theft, more ways for thieves to access credit in another consumer’s name.   Consumers can still get free weekly credit reports from https://www.annualcreditreport.com/index.action for free credit reports. 

Study: CFPB complaints shattered records in 2020, exposing how the COVID-19 pandemic battered consumer finances

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Confirmation of President Biden’s nominee Rohit Chopra will pivot agency back to only job: protecting consumers WASHINGTON — Consumer complaints about problems with financial companies such as banks, credit bureaus and debt collectors rose by more than 50 percent in 2020 and set new records for each month of the year, according to a new […]

Fake Emails about Fake Money from a Fake COVID-19 Fund

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Because of COVID-19, unemployment rates are high and many people’s cash flows are low. Scammers view these as ripe conditions to strike. They’ll stop at nothing — not even a pandemic — to trick you into sharing your personal or financial information. That includes pretending to be a government official from the Federal Trade Commission […]

Banks Have No Idea Who’s Creditworthy Anymore – The Wall Street Journal

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Prepandemic, deferrals weren’t much of a problem for banks. They were used rarely for most types of consumer debt and were usually confined to areas hit by natural disaster. Now, a staggering number of consumers around the U.S. are in deferral or other repayment programs, leading banks to question whether the credit scores and reports […]

Supreme Court Orders Restructuring of Consumer-Finance Watchdog – The Wall Street Journal

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https://www.wsj.com/articles/supreme-court-orders-restructuring-of-consumer-financial-protection-bureau-11593441215 The court rejected broader legal arguments that it should strike down the bureau—which was designed to protect consumers from abusive financial-industry practices on products like mortgages, student loans and credit cards—altogether.

FBI Warns of Potential Fraud in Antibody Testing for COVID-19

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ID theft comes in all flavors.  If you believe your personal identifier information has been compromised, visit annualcreditreport.com for free credit reports or purchase your credit reports and scores at myfico.com (for each of the three bureaus Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). Scammers are marketing fraudulent and/or unapproved COVID-19 antibody tests, potentially providing false results. In […]

COVID-19 Notice

During this state of emergency, access to credit is more important than ever for many consumers.  The Fair Credit Reporting Act enshrines each consumer's right to the accuracy of information reported to and by the credit bureaus.

Consumers now can check their credit reports for free on a weekly basis at annualcreditreport.com or purchase them at sites such as myfico.com.  Consumers should ensure credit reports are accurate -- before needing credit.

Our firm is open and all attorneys and staff are working, albeit remotely for everyone's safety.  If you discover errors on your credit report or background check report, contact us to see if we can help.