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Most people know that maintaining their credit score in good standing is crucial to their financial health. After all, their credit score can have a significant impact on many aspects of their life. Credit scores can affect a person’s ability to buy a home, car, insurance, and may even affect their ability to obtain […]

Your Right to Know – Your Consumer Credit File Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Consumer reporting agencies (also known as credit reporting agencies or CRAs) compile consumer data primarily for use by “users.”  Users are entities that access a consumer’s information to gain insight into the consumer’s past behavior including prior use of credit (payment history and type of credit accessed), criminal history for a job application, or […]

What Do Consumer Reports Cover? More than Just “Credit Reports”

Magnifying Glass and a Clipboard

What Do Credit Reports Cover? A great deal of consumer credit and evaluative information is contained in “consumer reports.”  These reports — including but not limited to credit reports — are covered by the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) as well as by the New York Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Both FCRA statutes give […]

NYC Tenant Blacklists: The FCRA and Tenant Background Reports

Read today’s article about how errors by tenant screening companies can interfere with renting an apartment in New York City and beyond.  The Law Office of Adam G. Singer, PLLC represents rental applicants with background check errors.  For more information, visit