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AT&T faces thousands of complaints about overcharging for services

A CBS News investigation has uncovered over 4,000 complaints against AT&T and DirecTV related to deals, promotions and overcharging in the past two years. Customers who try to opt out of their contracts are forced to pay early termination fees and are not allowed to file lawsuits.

Wells Fargo is having a hard time getting Americans to sign up for credit cards these days.

Credit card applications at Wells Fargo plunged by 55% in February, the sharpest decline since the bank’s fake account scandal erupted last September. Another sign of trouble: Wells Fargo (WFC) said Monday that consumers opened 43% fewer checking accounts than a year ago and interactions with branch bankers fell by 21% in the same month. Despite taking a series of steps to […]

Held by Maryland’s Highest Court: Midland Funding

Held by Maryland’s Highest Court: Midland Funding waived its right to arbitration when it sued Mr. Cain in small claims court.  Because Midland was unlicensed when they sued him, the judgment against him and all other class members is VOID.  Following up on their $38 million unjust enrichment verdict in Finch v. LNVN (for the […]

Returning an Auto Lease: The Right Way

Auto Lease Attorney New York

It’s been one, two, three, or even four or more years since you’ve leased your vehicle. You’ve treated the car well, you’ve never had any accidents, and minus any normal wear and tear on the vehicle, your car is in great condition. Now, however, your lease is over, and it’s time to return the vehicle […]