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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Issues Advisory About Name-Only Background Screening

What’s in a name? There is a great deal of frustration, confusion, and even difficulty navigating normal life if you are among the 38,000 Americans named James Smith or one of the 32,000 Maria Garcias in the United States. If you have a common first- and surname combination, it’s likely that you’ve been misidentified as […]

Someone Else’s Bad Credit Information Can Appear On Your Credit Report When You Have A Very Common Name—What Can You Do About It?

You’ve worked hard to build your credit, you’ve paid your bills on time, and you’ve responsibly increased card limits over time. Finally, it’s time to apply for a car loan, a mortgage, or even a new job and reap the benefits. But then the representative comes back, and your application has been denied because of […]

Fake Emails about Fake Money from a Fake COVID-19 Fund

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Because of COVID-19, unemployment rates are high and many people’s cash flows are low. Scammers view these as ripe conditions to strike. They’ll stop at nothing — not even a pandemic — to trick you into sharing your personal or financial information. That includes pretending to be a government official from the Federal Trade Commission […]

FBI Warns of Potential Fraud in Antibody Testing for COVID-19

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ID theft comes in all flavors.  If you believe your personal identifier information has been compromised, visit for free credit reports or purchase your credit reports and scores at (for each of the three bureaus Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). Scammers are marketing fraudulent and/or unapproved COVID-19 antibody tests, potentially providing false results. In […]

Top 10 Warning Signs of Identity Theft

Identity Theft Poster   Identity theft occurs when a criminal uses your personal information for their own benefit or to commit fraud. For example, the thief might use your driver’s license or Social Security number to open an account in your name. Once their process is complete, they can run up bills in your name.      […]

Identity Theft Protections for Minors Signals New Area of Privacy Obligations for Companies

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Identity theft protection isn’t just for adults anymore. As stories of data breaches and identity theft have become part of the daily news cycle, a recent law enacted by Congress provides increased protection to minors from such attacks. Under Pub. L. 115-175, better known as the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act (the […]

The Equifax breach affecting nearly half of Americans was “entirely preventable”

Equifax Data Breach

The cyber attack at Equifax that compromised data for nearly half of all Americans was the result of rapid growth that boosted company’s share price but left the the consumer credit bureau’s IT systems dangerously exposed to hackers. The massive data breach, which took advantage of known security vulnerabilities, “was entirely preventable,” according to a US […]