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Why everyone should know their FICO credit score

Credit Report Error Lawyer in NYC Checking your credit reports for free at is a good start. But to know the score(s) used by most lenders — the FICO score(s) — consumers must look beyond just their free credit reports or even the Vantage scores offered by the credit bureaus.

What to Know About the Facebook Data Leak – The Wall Street Journal. More identity theft, more ways for thieves to access credit in another consumer’s name. Consumers can still get free weekly credit reports from for free credit reports.

Supreme Court Orders Restructuring of Consumer-Finance Watchdog – The Wall Street Journal

cfpb - Cunsumer Financial Protection Bureau logo The court rejected broader legal arguments that it should strike down the bureau—which was designed to protect consumers from abusive financial-industry practices on products like mortgages, student loans and credit cards—altogether.

How The Economic Machine Works

How the Economic Machine Works “The important part of the economy is credit.”  So explains Ray Dalio in this informative video “How The Economic Machine Works.” Are your credit reports accurate?  Don’t wait until you need more credit to find out. Consumers can obtain their credit reports for free at  Consumers have powerful rights under the federal Fair Credit […]

Statement of Senate Intel Vice Chair Mark R. Warner on Charges Against Chinese Spies for Hacking Equifax

Mark Warner

“That said, the indictment does not detract from the myriad of vulnerabilities and process deficiencies that we saw in Equifax’s systems and response to the hack. A company in the business of collecting and retaining massive amounts of Americans’ sensitive personal information must act with the utmost care – and face any consequences that arise […]

Chinese Hacking Is Alarming. So Are Data Brokers.

Bank Vault with Data Inside

Using the personal data of millions of Americans against their will is certainly alarming. But what’s the difference between the Chinese government stealing all that information and a data broker amassing it legally without user consent and selling it on the open market? Both are predatory practices to invade privacy for insights and strategic leverage. Yes, […]

Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week starts today

1040 Tax Form

It would not surprise me if a victim of tax ID theft would also need to deal with credit theft.  Consumers can check their credit reports regularly for accounts that do not belong to them. All this week, the FTC and its partners will host free events to share information about recognizing, avoiding and […]