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Adam gets the highest endorsement I can give

Some context regarding the problem Adam helped us solve. 

My wife and I have our mortgage with one of the largest banks in the US. Over 2 years ago they made a serious mistake on one of our accounts. Our credit scores, prior to this, were unblemished. 

The mistake dropped our credit scores by over 200 points. We were denied credit that we would otherwise have easily qualified for. Our credit cards had their limits lowered without our notice. Payments, that normally wouldn’t have been a problem, were declined. 

We were also in a position where we had to refinance. No other bank would touch us. We were forced to refinance with our current bank, which then charged us a penalty interest rate because of our low credit scores, which were the result of their mistake. 

In the months following the mistake, the bank conducted an internal investigation. It concluded that, yes, they had made an error. However, they refused to fix it, or work with the Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs) to restore our credit scores. 

We were two people against one of the biggest banks in the US. We had done everything within our power to remedy the error, and its repercussions. We felt we were out of options. 

At this point we were referred to Adam. He was recommended as an expert in cases concerning the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). 

  • From the first phone call he was the consummate professional. He had a clear understanding of our situation, and the steps necessary to challenge the bank and CRAs. 
  • He knew the FCRA inside and out, and could pinpoint where both our bank and the CRAs had violated it. 
  • Adam was meticulous in his preparation. He outlined a very clear plan, ensuring that we followed the dispute process required by the FCRA for banks and CRAs, to make sure we were in compliance with the law at all times. This created a strong and indisputable legal foundation for our case, should we go to trial. 
  • He was courteous and professional, but also personable throughout the process. Just fantastic to deal with. 
  • At essential steps in the process, he was able to lay out the options, discuss their merits, and advise on the best way to proceed. But he was also open to other ideas. 
  • His expertise inspired our complete trust. At all times we had full confidence in how he was advising us. 
  • He was able to recognize when the case would benefit from the input of others in his field with complementary expertise. He gathered a team with the reputations and levels of expertise necessary to successfully execute his strategy. 
  • To further the above point, he has the respect of other high-level lawyers and law firms in his field, and was able to enlist their services. 
  • He had the persistence and discipline to play a long game. From the first phone call to resolution, our case was close to a 2 year process. 
  • When the case was filed, the judge said they didn’t want the bank to waste the court’s time by taking it to trial, and strongly advised reaching an out of court settlement, such was the strength of our case. A testament to Adam’s legal work and meticulous preparation.

I can’t recommend Adam highly enough, both personally and professionally.

- Craig


Adam Singer has handled a number of matters for me over the past several years. Most recently he filed and aggressively pursued a complaint against a Fortune 100 corporation and their related entities. The case involved a breach of the Fair Credit Reporting and the Fair Credit Billing Acts, was filed in Federal Court in Manhattan, and was concluded successfully by means of a settlement (terms confidential). I was struck by several aspects of this gentleman's professionalism: his calm, easy but effective demeanor, his ability to extract relevant and substantive information at deposition of opposing witnesses, his knowledge of the rules of procedure, and his ready availability when I had questions. Adam is my go to advocate; I recommend him 
without reservation.

- A Loyal and Appreciative Client

Exceptional lawyer and an expert in his field!

Mr. Adam Singer is one of those rare attorneys you will meet in your life. Not only is he extremely intelligent, knowledgeable, and hands on, but in addition, he is DEDICATED to his client. Mr. Singer involves the client throughout the whole process; beginning to end. He is constantly emailing and phoning the client to update and follow up with any news. Mr. Singer is an exceptional lawyer and an expert in his field. I highly recommend Mr. Singer for all your legal needs.

- A Client

Incredible Attorney in every respect

Adam is a one of a kind attorney who is compassionate, genuine and caring - while being an aggressive warrior for his clients causes. 
He worked tirelessly for us on a very complex case and thanks to his perseverance and skill, we achieved our objective against high odds. 
He is a true pleasure to work with and I cannot recommend him enough.

- David

Life Saver

Adam Singer saved my wife and my daughter 7 years of grief. Chase Manhattan Bank was about to report a late payment on both their credit reports which was due to no fault of our own on a car loan. In fact we made 5 years worth of payments without a single late payment. It was in their pay by phone system which was a fault. Chase has a reputation for being ruthless in these matters. Mr. Singer spoke to them in a way that certain got their attention. They back off and reported nothing! I am happy to say both their credit scores are still cruising in the mid 700,S THANK YOU ADAM SINGER

- Eric R.

Highly Recommend

I retained Adam upon recommendation from a friend in connection to a landlord/tenant issue. He was professional, responsive and answered all of my questions thoroughly and accurately. His depth of knowledge on the matter was truly inspiring.

Adam kept me apprised of my case throughout. Whether by email or phone I always knew where my case was up to. I highly recommend him as an attorney.

- YM

Credit Report Error

I had called to consult about a credit repair issue that seemed to have been more involved and complicated than just credit repair. Adam Singer listened, inquired, and kept in touch by directing me further in my legal process and consulting with a multitude of other attorneys on my behalf to give me answers. He has shown great professionalism and I would highly recommend him.

- Anonymous

Credit Attorney

Adam helped me to secure stipulation of discontinuances for 2 lawsuits from fraudulent use of credit cards. He was professional and courteous.

- Anonymous

Positive Experience

Mr. Adam Singer is very honest and straight forward and seems to strive his best to help you. He communicates efficiently, effectively and responds to you asap. I had contacted several attorneys last night and this morning he replied to my email and called me immediately. 
Although at the moment I didn't retain his services, He was attentive, exact and very knowledgable in the advice he offered me. I didn't utilize him because my situation was a bit different than normal, but I wouldn't hesitate to retain him should I need his expertise. I even drove 3.5 hours from PA to NY to meet with him.

- EG

Superb Consumer Lawyer

Adam was superb.  His firm helped me understand my rights under the FCRA.  I would highly recommend him to anyone with credit report errors.

- Joel Weiss

We are happy to say we made the best decision of our life hiring Adam. We are from Kentucky and we were in a bad situation to where my identity got stolen and we just couldn't get any help in our area to get anything done about the situation. We begin to google the best lawyers in New York and that's how we found Adam. Yes, we took a leap of faith not knowing exactly what we were getting ourselves into but we honestly can say we are well pleased with this company. He assisted us in every area that we needed assistance, he was prompt on getting back to us through phone calls and emails. We have been fighting this situation for about a year and a half now and Adam and his company took care of this situation within a few months and now we are clear from this debt. We want to take this time to thank Adam for everything he has done and being an amazing lawyer to go out and fight for us to get things done, we would highly recommend him to anyone.

- Scott

Puts the needs of his clients first

We hired Adam to represent us with a complex and big case: Our bank mistakenly misapplied one of our mortgage payments, which had a devastating and inaccurate impact on our credit score with the credit bureaus. Adam did an excellent job for us, in multiple areas: 1. He set us up for success from the beginning. You can’t just sue financial institutions, there are a lot of hoops you need to jump through. We had no idea what to do to get our credit scores fixed, and felt like we had exhausted all of our options in going up against the bank and credit bureaus. Adam made sure everything was good to go before we went forward. 2. He managed our expectations. A lawsuit is a marathon, not a race. Adam told us how long it would take and provided a birdseye view of what all the steps would be – what we needed to do, and why. He also helped us understand his strategy and approach. 3. He brought in additional help. Our case was pretty significant. Adam brought in another expert to consult. We appreciated that he did that, as it shows he was putting our needs first, and doesn’t have a giant ego. That being said, I want to emphasize that he was the lead counsel on our case throughout, and handled it from start to finish. Finally, he’s a really, really nice person. Nice + smart is hard to come by these days, but Adam really puts the needs of his clients first and is a thoughtful communicator. I would say all of this notwithstanding the final result, which was highly satisfactory. I strongly recommend Adam Singer for anyone needing assistance with complex cases involving credit bureaus and large financial institutions.

- A Client


Adam's expertise, honesty, integrity & sincerity are just a few of his many qualities. His professionalism & attention to detail coupled with his law background are outstanding. He helped correct a mortgage company's major error and his service was, as he, stellar.

- Craig

Great Attorney

Mr. Singer was great, He got right on my problem and resolved it quickly. I will always use him for all my legal matters. I wish there could be more attorneys like him.

- Jerome


Very quick to contact back, took the time to listen to my concerns and offered me the best expert advice. I felt very comfortable speaking with him in detail and although I am not sure if I will go through with litigation in regards to my case, if I do Adam will be the lawyer I call.

- Christian

Adam G. Singer is professional grade!

Adam was very calm and confident in the midst of my consumer credit nightmare. Adam put together a plan of action to work with the credit reporting agencies and my creditors. Most importantly, Adam was very thorough in his plan and followed up frequently to see that all went smoothly. I highly recommend Adam to anyone who is in need of repairing their credit reputation.

- Alex

Excellent service

He handled my legal affairs with thoroughness and stayed on top on all aspects of my case. He was able to give myself and my family peace of mind that our case was being handled correctly. I would highly recommend.

- Eli

Legal Acumen and Quality Service

I was referred to Adam Singer and was very impressed by his extensive knowledge of consumer litigation. Adam took the time to explain both best/worst case scenarios regarding my legal matter versus a home improvement contractor, which made me appreciate his legal acumen that much more. He did not dance around the problem and speak to me with ambiguous legal jargon but instead, he was clearly focused on delivering quality service because client needs were ALWAYS a priority!

- Marc

Highly Recommended

Upon searching for a lawyer I was recommended to Adam through a friend of a friend. Usually, or at least in my case, turns out to be a nightmare. NOT THIS TIME!!! I was truly impressed with Adam's grasp of my situation and his way of explaining things in an informative way without all the legal jargon. Run, don't walk to use Adam Singer as your attorney!!!

- Brian

Extremely Impressive

Mr. Singer deposed me in a lawsuit several years ago. Mr. Singer 's professionalism was extremely impressive. His command of the examination was praiseworthy. I had complete confidence in his skills and expertise.I felt thoroughly prepared and comfortable in this tense situation.

- Nancy

Professional and great results

Adam secured a great result for a malpractice suit against a horribly negligent lawyer. He was very professional and I am very glad that I chose him.

- Adam

Incredible Advocate, Strategist and Client-focused

I am an attorney who sought out Adam Singer to represent a family member in connection with a difficult and sensitive consumer matter. Adam successfully blended extremely strong negotiation skills with legal acumen and personal attention and he achieved a great and fair result. Throughout the representation, Adam was extremely thoughtful and mindful of all challenges facing an aggrieved client.

My family and I were proud to use Adam as an attorney and advisor and even prouder to think of him as a friend. We would use him again and we regularly refer others to him.

- A Client

So much better-informed for the meeting, thank you!

The generous provision of your time greatly settled my mind and probably saved me paying fees to more aggressive, action-oriented attorneys. Thank you for putting my best interests first.

- Jay P.

Incredible Attorney in every respect

Adam is a one of a kind attorney who is compassionate, genuine and caring - while being an aggressive warrior for his clients causes.

He worked tirelessly for us on a very complex case and thanks to his perseverance and skill, we achieved our objective against high odds.

He is a true pleasure to work with and I cannot recommend him enough.

- David

The best attorney!

Adam is a top notch attorney who knows how to think outside the box. He successfully managed two cases for me with great results. He is detail-oriented, organized, and fought for me every step of the way. I would not hesitate to recommend Adam for any litigation needs.

- Gil

Superior knowledge and service

Adam is serving as the successor Trustee for my estate. I chose Adam to serve as a Trustee because of his exemplary work history as an attorney, and because of his personal ethics.


- Paul

Prompt Correspondence

I left a voicemail for attorney Adam Singer and he followed through with me the same day. He was kind enough to provide me with insight about an inquiry I had as well as point me in the right direction about a class action settlement lawsuit I had questions to. Very polite, very respectful and knowledgeable fellow. Wishing you and your firm the best.

- Jack, Sky Group, Inc.

Superb Consumer Lawyer

Adam was superb. His firm helped me understand my rights under the FCRA. I would highly recommend him to anyone with credit report errors.

- Joel Weiss

Integrity and Excellence

I consulted with Adam on a past potential litigation. He provided astute advice and I was impressed with his demeanor and tremendous attention to detail. Although I did not need to ultimately to pursue the matter, Adam would be my first choice to defend my interests if the need ever arose.

- Alan

Highly Qualified

Mr. Singer has represented me on two occasions. He has excellent communication skills, an ability to think outside the box, and is extremely trustworthy. It's refreshing working with someone who is attentive, responsive, and listens to their client. Given his professionalism and ability to produce results, I would recommend his services to anyone contemplating litigation.

- Satisfied Client


Mr Singer was very prompt and quick with answers to my questions and concerns. He was also extremely knowledgeable and was able to effectively provide excellent service. I would highly recommend him!!

- A Client

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