Why Choose a Consumer Attorney Instead of "Credit Repair"

Credit cannot be "repaired." Mistakes on your credit reports, however, can be "corrected" by exercising your rights under the FCRA. Remember, you have a right to the maximum possible accuracy of the information on your credit reports. 

Here are some ways that our firm differs from what is known as credit repair: 

  • We take most cases on a contingency basis. That means that you have no out-of-pocket responsibility for attorney's fees.
  • Credit repair companies are notorious for doing little more than filing a stream of shoddy dispute letters. And charging consumers each month for the ineffective service. While a dispute letter may be a necessary first step in certain situations, our firm has the expertise to advance a case promptly to federal court when the dispute process fails.
  • In litigation, we typically have two goals: seeking the permanent correction of report errors as well as fair compensation for our clients. 

In sum, where credit repair companies charge for ineffective services, our firm represents consumers in court where, instead of paying upfront fees, we will seek a permanent correction to credit report errors and compensation. 

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